Thursday, June 18, 2015

20 of threesixtyfive - January 2008

As I'm uploading more of my old photos to Google Photos, I'm finding some old treasures.

In this autoawesome, you see the progression of one of my favorite 365s. I had received the book The Dangerous Book for Boys. I think Amy purchased it for me from Restoration Hardware at the Mall of Georgia? Anyways, I thought that a cool 365 setup would be to build a fort like the kind I did as a kid using bed sheets and whatever I had on hand.

It took me several attempts to get the final shot (link at bottom). In this first autoawesome, you can see the basic setup of the 365. I was also too wide on the camera angle.

The second attempt I zoomed in but it still wasn't right and Willow was looking bored.

The final attempt. I decided to turn off all the lights and then using a flashlight I lit myself, Willow and the insides of the "fort". This made the photo much more interesting.

The final photo can be found here:

What would I had done differently now that I know more about photography? I'd darken the area not lit by the flashlight, the floor and the wall is a bit distracting. I'd figure out how to light the front of the book so that the title is legible using an off camera flash. Finally, I'd get the photo sharper by increasing the ISO and shutter speed. I might of even zoomed in or cropped the photo just a tad.

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